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Shared Lives carer fees

Being a Shared Lives carer is a paid role.  The fees we pay to a Shared Lives carer will depend on what sort of service you offer, how many people you support and what sort of support needs each person has.

Shared Lives carers are paid a weekly fee to support someone living with them long term.  The amount will vary but starts at around £290 per week per person, up to around £410 per week person. Short break services are paid on a 24 hour period basis and vary from about £60 to £77 per 24 hours.  The fees for each service are looked at and agreed at the outset, and might be reviewed if the needs of the service user change over time.

Sharing your home, your family and your life with people in your own home is a big commitment and most people are not primarily motivated by the financial remuneration, but at the same time need to make a living as a paid professional carer.

HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) treats the income from Shared Lives in a similar way to that of foster carers and have agreed a beneficial tax arrangement for Shared Lives carers.  You can download the HMRC tax guidance for Shared Lives carers (still called adult placement carers) here:

Shared Lives carers are self employed – they are not employees of the scheme.

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