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What we do

Our carers give people help and support and somewhere to live or stay.

They are called Shared Lives Carers.

If you use our service a Shared Lives carer will welcome you into in their family home. There are different ways you can do this.


Long term

You can choose to live with a Shared Lives carer and their family on a long term basis.

Their house would become your home.

You would have your own bedroom.

Our carer would help you to achieve your goals and ambitions.


Short break

You can choose to take a short break with one of our Shared Lives carers.

You might stay for a weekend or a few days.

You could choose to go and stay on a regular basis.


Day time support

You can go and spend the day with one of our families and join in with life in their home.

Or you can spend time out and about with one of our Shared Lives carers.


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