16 June 2017

Enjoy a cuppa and cake for Shared Lives Week

We’re celebrating  Shared Lives Week by hosting a series of coffee and cake mornings to bring local communities together.

The aim is to spread awareness of the Shared Lives care model – that Shared Lives South West believe should ‘be a choice for all who could benefit’ in Devon and Cornwall.

Shared Lives South West  is playing its part in a major national campaign to celebrate and promote the Shared Lives model of care, and show how it is supporting more and more people locally and across the UK. It is an option for people with learning disabilities, mental ill health, older people, and people with dementia – as well as many others.

During Shared Lives week 2017 runs from 17- 25 June 2017, Shared Lives carers and people who use Shared Lives services are getting the word out about this unique form of care and support.

Shared Lives carers are hosting coffee mornings in their homes and staff are also getting involved by hosting a bake off and coffee morning.

This year’s national theme is Shared Lives Choice For All to raise awareness of the Shared Lives care model- which can be available for a wide range of support needs, but is not yet offered to all people who can benefit from the service.

Shared Lives carers share their home and family life with an adult who needs help or support to live well. Around 500 people across Devon and Cornwall already choose to live in this way, part of the 13,500 people who use Shared Lives across the UK.

Over recent years, Shared Lives has out-performed other forms of social care, in terms of expansion, and it is hoped that Shared Lives week 2017 will mean that this growth continues.

However, for this growth to continue, Shared Lives Plus, the UK Network for Shared Lives schemes and Shared Lives carers, believes that a UK wide awareness raising campaign is needed to build on the fantastic work already being undertaken locally.

Jane Bell, CEO for Shared Lives South West, said: “We have some amazing carers who support vulnerable adults and we want to celebrate them and the great work we do.”

Alex Fox, chief executive of Shared Lives Plus, the UK Network for Shared Lives and Homeshare said:

“I’m delighted to see Shared Lives South West getting involved in Shared Lives week 2017. Our theme this year is Shared Lives Choice For All because everyone involved in Shared Lives has a choice about whom to live with. We also believe that Shared Lives should be offered as a choice to everyone who could benefit.

The Shared Lives scheme is available to people with learning disabilities, people with mental ill health, older people with dementia and young people entering adulthood.

Whenever someone needs support, people on their side and a place to belong, Shared Lives can be a great choice to offer them.”