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Fees and Charges for Shared Lives services

Our services can be purchased directly by service users or family carers using direct payments or through self funding.  Services can also be purchased by a local authority Adult Social Care department on behalf of service users, through our existing service contracts with Devon County Council, Plymouth Council, Torbay NHS Health and Care Trust and Cornwall Council.

As each Shared Lives service is quite individual, the charge for our services also varies.  It also varies slightly depending on which local authority area you live in.

We are always happy to give you a broad idea of what a service might cost on request. Generally Shared Lives services compare favourably with the cost of a similar level of support in residential care or supported living.

Long term services

Long term services are charged on a banded system.  The band levels reflect the input, skill and expertise our Shared Lives carers will need to provide high quality support to the person requesting the service. The total fees we charge for a long term service cover the accommodation and household costs, the care and support given by our Shared Lives carer and the CQC regulated monitoring and support role delivered by Shared Lives South West.  In all cases service users will be responsible for meeting the rent and household costs element of the charge.

If the local authority is funding the service on behalf of the service user,there may need to be Fairer Charging assessment to see if the person has to pay towards their care and support.

Shared Lives South West has a Money Management support service which helps service users to claim all welfare benefits they are entitled to, calculates any contribution toward the cost of the service, manages these payments and ensures that service users receive all their disposable income.  This service  is available to all long term service users whether they are self funding, using direct payments or the local authority is purchasing the service on their behalf.

Short break and day services

Short break services are charged on  a 24 hour period basis, and calculated depending on the length of the short break stay and the level of support the service user will need from the Shared Lives carer.  Day support is charged on an hourly rate.  The local authority may make a daily charge toward a short break, where they are funding the break – this varies in each authority.

Please note that services for parents with a learning disability and some dementia services have a slightly different charging structure.

For more information about fees, charges and funding for Shared Lives please contact our funding and benefits team.