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How is Shared Lives delivered?

Shared Lives services are delivered by Shared Lives carers.  A Shared Lives carer is someone who offers accommodation and support and/or personal care in their own home as part of a Shared Lives scheme.

Shared Lives carers are self-employed and receive fees which cover the rent, household costs and care and support that they offer to people using the service.

People who apply to become Shared Lives carers are given a thorough assessment and have to meet special standards – not everyone who applies is accepted.  Shared Lives carers are assessed and supported by specialist Shared Lives workers employed by a Shared Lives Scheme.

Shared Lives carers come from all walks of life, but they all have lots of experience. They understand that everyone is different and that we all like different things. They make sure that the people who stay with them can choose how they want to live their lives. Some have worked as professional care workers, others have cared for people in their own family.

They enjoy including the people who live or stay with them in their home life alongside the rest of the household.

Watch this film to see an example of how Shared Lives might look like in practice:

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